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This is a quick blog entry to announce that we’re about to sign a new band to our rosta!

On Wednesday I put my footballing allegiances aside and went to (just outside) Ipswich (I support Norwich City..) to meet Tom, Dom, Will, Andy and Lee – 5 lads who make up Indie band ‘Lost Lungs’.

I was first introduced to the band when they sent their track ‘Moonside’ in to my New Music Generator show on Cambridge 105 for airplay about 2 months ago. Such is demand, their email got to the top of my pile about a month ago and subsequently featured them on the show. I can’t really work out what it is, but something about the band and their music immediately appealed to me and I knew that they were the sort of artist I was then looking for to sign up to Off The Chart Promotions having been open to adding a third band to the rosta for a while.

The band in their current formation have only been together for just under a year, they’ve got a good size collection of solid self composed tracks and had begun recording a few demo versions. One thing I was struck by was the award which they won for ‘Best Live Act’ at a recent West Suffolk band competition – if they impressed an audience enough to win an award, I knew they must be as good, if not better than the demo recordings I’d heard! Who am I to argue?

I spent a few hours with the guys on Wednesday afternoon, had a good chat and they played a set for me. By the end of the meeting I had no hesitation in offering them a deal. In some ways they remind me of 28 Boulevard when I first met them almost two years ago – a solid chemistry between all the members, the makings of some really good tracks and limited live performance experience under their belts – they’ve plenty of things to work on but that’s what we do and I’m excited to start working with them soon.

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